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    The Tuscan Workshop adventure is designed to bring you to your highest artistic vision. Offered are art workshops in watercolor painting, oil painting, and pottery classes. And this is not just a painting holiday; we also offer Tuscan cooking classes, Italian wine tasting and Italian language courses. The weeks spent with us will awaken your senses, bathe you in warmth and hospitality, and motivate you to bring out your best. You will be inspired and influenced by the art that shines everywhere, in the many exquisite medieval towns, in the countryside dotted with castles, villas and abbeys, and in the countless treasures created by the genius of Michelangelo, Leonardo, Piero della Francesca, Raphael, and Cellini to name just a few. Combine this with warm, friendly people, and world-renowned cuisine, and you have the vacation in Tuscany you have always dreamed of.

    Our experience is purely Tuscan, and is one of the best personalized tours of Tuscany available. We have in-depth knowledge of the history and traditions which have combined to create this wondrous land and we do not want to keep it a secret! We have left nothing out, from the authentic Tuscan cuisine, the Chianti wine tasting, the motorcoach excursions, the art history tours to Florence, the Uffizi, and Siena, and comfortable accommodations in a 15th century villa padronale. Our instructors are world-class, and all are members of The American Watercolor Society. With our flexible schedule, you will be given individualized as well as group instruction and can paint or create pottery as much or little as you like.