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  • Art school in the heart of Tuscany offers the artist innumerable inspirations

  • Testimonials

    "Lovers of Italy, fall in love again; inspired by the art and ambiance. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of Tuscany with us!"
    Linda and Bill A., Long Island

    "The group was super and the villa magnificent" -
    Joe B., Colorado Springs

    "A group of warm and intelligent people with a wide range of interests and abilities".
    Sonja N., Huntington, NY

    "The best trip I ever experienced"
    Gerry R., Long Island, NY

    "The instructors were all so unique in personality, ability and accessibility."
    Jack C., Boulder, CO.

    "Beauty beyond description"
    Andy H. San Francisco, CA

    "My experience, as taken in through my five senses, was fulfilled to the highest extent."
    Kate F. - Palo Alto, CA.

    "Italy is exciting to begin with, and this trip brought all my emotions to the surface; all my cares were forgotten!"
    Myra F., Eaton's Neck, NY

    "A very compatible group; pleasant but committed to art and learning"
    Frances K, Denver, CO

    "I felt that I had an authentic Tuscan experience; the food, the lifestyle, and a superb painting experience."
    Mimi, W; N.Carolina

    "Congenial travel companions, art, music, beauty all around us, couldn't get any better!"
    Olga B., Chicago

    "The workshop far exceeded my expectations and the food was a treat."
    Joy B., Breckenridge CO

    "Heaven on earth! Bellissimo - words cannot describe the heavenly wonder of it all!"
    Marie B., Westbury, NY